End-to-End Analytics, Personalization and More for the Construction Industry

The Construction industry has its own very unique challenges. Incendium is helping clients discover actionable insights with custom analytics, and then execute with a suite of digital tools from personalization to ABM.

Incendium's Solutions for Construction

Truly Understand Your Diverse Audience Segments

When a visitor lands on your website, how can you determine if the visitor is a builder, an architect or a homeowner? This is crucial information to have, as the site experience should be completely different for each of these audiences. What’s more, they will behave differently on your site so your analytics should be able to differentiate and report separately on them. 

Incendium’s predictive audience segments can identify these segments based on website behavior and other factors. This allows you to deliver much more effective content recommendations, personalizations and marketing campaigns. Segmented analytics will allow you to track and measure more meaningfully.

Resonate With Each Individual Visitor

With segmentation of audiences, Incendium also allows you to execute personalizations to specific groups. An architect no longer needs to see the same articles, products or even navigation links as a homeowner. You can customize the feel of your website uniquely for everyone who lands on your site. 

Understand the ROI of Every Marketing Activity

Traditional mass-market analytics platforms do not cater well for businesses which convert leads in an offline sales funnel. If you spend $100k on a Google Ads campaign, you can see how many enquiries this has driven, but do you know how much revenue was driven? Incendium closes this loop and allows you to fully attribute revenue across all your channels. This means there’s no more flying blind and you can optimize campaigns to the keyword level based on revenue and first/last/linear/positional models. 

USG Boral Case Study

Through Incendium, USG Boral were able to set up an audience classification feature which was then used to track and better understand conversion journeys of those audience segments. This knowledge allowed USG Boral to tailor their campaigns with more granularity than ever before.

Construction Insights

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