See How Incendium Solves Recruitment's Top Digital Challenges

The Recruitment industry is very unique. Incendium is helping clients in this industry overcome a diverse set of challenges.

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Incendium's Solutions for Recruitment

Client VS Candidate Audience Segmentation

When a visitor lands on your website, one of the first challenges recruitment sites have is how to determine if the visitor is a potential client, or a potential candidate for a role that needs filling. This is a crucial piece of information to have, as the site experience should be completely different for each of these audiences.

Incendium’s predictive audience segments can identify these two segments based on website behavior and other factors. This allows you to deliver much more effective content recommendations, personalizations and marketing campaigns.

Content Personalization

Promoting job results for candidates and the latest job sector report for clients is just one of the hundreds of personalizations you can, and should, be making on your sites. Without the ability to personalize, any content you push for one audience will reduce engagement with other audiences.

Incendium Predictive Content Recommendations can be extremely powerful for recruiters; leverage cutting edge machine learning technology to show the most suitable jobs to each candidate on your site. Increased engagement not only lifts conversion rates, it also helps to improve your SEO performance as Search Engines use engagement metrics in their algorithms.

Get The Full Picture On Marketing Spend Efficiency

A big problem with traditional analytics platforms is that they do not cater well for businesses which convert offline. If you spend $100k on a job board, you can easily see how many applicants this has driven, but do you know what percentage were unsuitable and drained resources, how many were placed and how much revenue the placed candidates drove? Incendium closes this loop and allows you to fully attribute revenue across all your channels.

Adecco UK Case Study

Incendium was seamlessly integrated into Adecco's current tech stack to match up marketing activity with offline revenue data for true ROI. This data helped to improve spend efficiencies.

Recruitment Insights

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