Multi-touch Attribution

Incendium processes more data than anyone else in the space, giving our cutting edge machine learning algorithms much more to work with. As a result, our MTA and LTV analysis tools are second to none.

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The Leading Multi-touch Attribution Suite

Get an accurate single source of truth for attribution

Relying on ad networks to mark their own homework is obviously problematic, with each claiming credit for conversions and revenue. Incendium gives you a single, impartial source of truth for attribution, finally allowing you to optimize your spend.

See the full story behind your revenue

First or last click models don’t give you a complete picture when it comes to understanding what contributed to conversions and revenue. Multi-touch Attribution allows you to credit all touch points and take strategic action on marketing spend to drive efficiency and ROI.

The Most Accurate ROI Calculation on the Market

Most attribution solutions only take into account revenue and ad spend when calculating an ROI metric. For every advert you clicked, Incendium can use delivery costs to a sale level, and the profit margins to an SKU level to give you the true ROI of every single basket you sold from.

Find More of Your Best Customers

When calculating the true value driven from campaigns, using the first sale revenue is too simplistic. Taking into account the entire customer lifetime purchases, and forecasted future revenue, is the only way you can scale effectively.

Understanding which products and campaigns are bringing in your best customers and understanding how loyalty is impacted by different activities is vital to optimizing your marketing ROI.