CRO & Personalization

Imagine that your website could be perfect for every visitor, geared to service all the different needs of every individual. Incendium makes this a reality.

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What is Personalization?

There are many types of websites which without personalization, struggle to be relevant to the large numbers of different audiences they have visiting them. For example, an eCommerce store selling clothing has to try to appeal to two completely different audiences at the same time: males and females.

At the most basic level, if you can understand the gender of the visitor, and you can modify the site based on this, you can very quickly improve the experience for all visitors. Going a step further, if you know who the visitor is, and you know their past behaviors, their likes and dislikes and past purchases, the site experience can be tailored completely to their individual tastes.

Incendium makes this possible at scale, allowing you to give the perfect website experience to every visitor.

Benefits of Personalization

Use Machine Learning to Understand Your Visitors

Harness the power of machine learning to rapidly categorize visitors and predict their needs. As a visitor browses your website, analysis of their behavior allows Incendium to guess traits such as gender with a high degree of accuracy. These can then be used to better tailor site content.

Tailor The Experience To Each Audience Group

Based on audience groups, and the behaviors of the individual visitor, we can modify the entire page structure, promoting more important products or content and demoting or removing unsuitable content.

Dynamically Change Image Layering Based On Viewer

Banners and other imagery can be dynamically constructed to match the audience viewing it. Drastically increase the resonance your site has with your audiences with imagery and styling perfectly matched to every individual.