Drive ROI & Growth From Every Byte of Data

It’s not just that nobody processes more data, it’s that nobody processes data more. Smarter metrics, deeper insights, user level but compliant and the only successful solution to tracking blockers.

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We’re using Incendium to connect the dots between the revenue closed by our sales team and consultants, and the digital footprints which drove that revenue. It’s game changing.

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Haroon Ahmed

Analytics & Data-Driven Marketing Solutions

Providing advanced tracking, attribution, personalization and automation solutions; fully integrating with your current marketing stack.

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Custom End-to-End Analytics

Mass-market analytics systems don't measure what matters, and can't deliver actionable insights. Businesses need custom analytics, configured to answer their own specific questions and to truly understand ROI.
Powerful AI Driven Personlization

Powerful AI Driven Personalization

Imagine that your website could be perfect for every visitor, geared to service all the different needs of every individual. Incendium makes this a reality.
Persona Marketing

Persona Marketing

Identify and track your key personas to understand how different audiences behave on your site, where they come from, and how valuable they are. Leverage personas as marketing audiences and analytics segments.
Predictive Segmentation

Predictive Segmentation

Incendium Predictive Audiences uses cutting edge machine learning to expand audience segments using lookalike profiling.


Efficiently increase conversions with minimal budget. Remarket to customers that have made very specific actions on-site or off-site, to help convince them to convert.
AI Powered Marketing Automations

AI Powered Marketing Automation

Empower your marketing and sales teams to do more with less, using marketing automation.
In-app Tracking

In-App Tracking

Integrate your mobile apps with Incendium to create a single customer view and supercharge your off-app marketing.

Why Fortune 500 Companies to SMEs Trust Incendium For Their Data & Insights

Actionable Insights in Minutes Not Months

If you want true end to end measurement of your pipeline, you are often looking at 6-12 months implementation time and an expensive consultant or agency to get there. Incendium is different. Our team will have you up and running in minutes, and can connect to more complex tech stacks seamlessly through API integrations.

User Level, But Compliant

Mass-market analytics solutions will have you believe you can’t track at the user level and stay compliant. They might not be able to, but Incendium can. Speak with our sales team to learn more.

Measure ROI for Every Activity

Traditional one-size-fits-all analytics platforms do not cater well for businesses which converts leads in an offline sales funnel. Incendium joins the dots between offline and online, and gives you full attribution and ROI measurement.

Dashboards Built Specifically for your Business

Every business and every industry is different. What’s important for one may not be relevant for another and that’s why mass-market analytics doesn’t cut it any more. Incendium is ready to go with specific dashboards for your business, delivering insights from day 1. And if we don’t have you covered yet, we’ll build them without charge.

Incendium integrates with leading marketing technologies

Incendium integrates seamlessly with the most common analytics, CRM and marketing platforms, so you won’t need to change the way you work.


Case Studies & Testimonials


We’re using Incendium to connect the dots between the revenue closed by our sales team and consultants, and the digital footprints which drove that revenue.
It’s game changing.

Haroon Ahmed
Digital Marketing Manager | UK & Ireland


We increased our customer enquiries dramatically. Our enquiries were more qualified and easier to convert. Our marketing budget stretched further, even giving us enough to try out new marketing channels.

Emmanuel About
Director | Australia


Through Incendium, USG Boral were able to set up an audience classification feature which was then used to track and better understand conversion journeys of those audience segments. This knowledge allowed USG Boral to tailor their campaigns with more granularity than ever before.