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Drive Better Results With More Accurate, Impartial Attribution

Incendium's proprietary attribution system captures and attributes significantly more conversions because it doesn't have the limitations of mass market tools, or the biases of advertising platforms.

  • Attribute with 30%+ more accuracy

  • See which campaigns to cut and which to scale

  • Grow consistently, month after month, with precision decisions

Unlike most platforms, Incendium doesn’t limit  attribution, resulting in much higher accuracy

Get Connected in Minutes. No, Seriously.

One line of code and Incendium will be up and running and ready to use.

Create charts with dozens of pre-designed chart types metrics to choose from

Build any kind of reporting dashboard you wish

Schedule the right kind of report to the right department at the right frequency

Analyse Attribution To The Keyword Or Ad Level

Incendium allows you to deep dive through your attribution data, comparing the true conversion numbers against those reported by the platforms.

Select your attribution model, and click through platforms, campaigns, ad groups and ads/keywords.

Find whats working and whats not, and improve your ROI.

Ucruise Sails to Success
The Problem

Ucruise, a thriving Sydney Harbour cruise facilitator, was generating a steady stream of enquiries through various marketing channels. But they were stuck in a data silo - marketing efforts weren't connected to sales results. This meant they couldn't measure ROI or optimize their marketing budget.

The Solution

Incendium's marketing attribution platform came to the rescue. By integrating Ucruise's sales data, Incendium shed light on which marketing channels were driving the most profitable sales. This newfound clarity empowered Ucruise to make data-driven decisions about their marketing spend, maximizing their return on advertising spend (ROAS).

"Incendium has given us the deep insights we need to fully understand where our marketing spend is most effective for sales and ROAS. We've increased our lead and sales volumes without the need to increase our budgets."

Emmanuel About | Director - Ucruise


The Incendium Platform

Incendium Core
Laser Accurate Data Collection Without Limits
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Incendium Analytics
The Most Advanced, Single Source Of Truth For Attribution
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Lightning Landers
Ultra-Fast, High-Converting Landing Pages Launched Without Code
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Conversion Lab
A Low-Code Testing Tool For Consistent Conversion Optimisation
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Bringing Enterprise Level Personalization Tech To The Mainstream
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Incendium Accelerate
Leave The Insights And Optimization To Us, So You Can Focus On What Matters
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