LTV & Retention

Find where you’re losing customers, plug the holes and drive higher customer value

Know the future value of the customers you acquired today, so you can optimize your campaigns in real-time and maximize budget efficiency.

Hyper Accurate Customer-Level Lifetime Value Prediction, From Day 1

Know the future value of the customers you acquired today, so you can optimize your campaigns in real-time and maximize budget efficiency.

Maximize Your Profits and Boost Customer Loyalty

Better Budget Allocation

Attribution models give us a more detailed picture of campaign performance but in order to confidently invest for future growth, we need to take into account LTV.

Knowing the full value of the customers driven from a campaign using for example a 30, 60 or 90 day window can help justify increased spend and drive more ROI in the longer term.

Smarter Campaign Optimization

LTV analysis & Machine Learning helps us understand which campaigns or keywords show a positive or negative ROI forecast. This allows us to take action and optimize campaigns taking into account the full picture of revenue.

Did you know?
Incendium’s LTV prediction is hyper-accurate, using more data points in ML models than any other solution!

Meaningful Performance Measurement

Whilst most analytics platforms provide you with an entry point to look at top level channel performance, or visits and engagement over time, the data is not organized in a way which leads to actionable insights. So you got more traffic? Why? Who were those visitors? What did this do for your business?

Incendium tracks a much broader array of metrics, but organizes the data in a way that is completely customized to your own customer journeys. Insights jump straight out of the dashboard, and allow you to make bold changes to your business with confidence.

Our aligned Sales & Marketing dashboard tracks Prospects through each stage of their journey to becoming a customer. It can quickly show you where your optimization opportunities are and what the potential impact will be. Quickly cut wasteful marketing expenditure, improve your sales team performance and grow your lead pipeline.

Unparalleled Attribution Scope

Mass-market analytics are fundamentally flawed when it comes to measuring b2b pipelines. Even with custom coding and APIs it is impossible to pull revenue data into them and match it to a user journey. So you can never know the ROI of a keyword in a PPC campaign and forget trying to carry out attribution modeling for channel performance.

Incendium solves this, closing the loop and providing full attribution modeling on top.

Understanding Engagement With Completely New Metrics

With all the engagement metrics in the world, from Time in View to Scroll velocity, measurement of behavior is still subjective. What is a good Time-On-Page? How many pages should people visit in a session?

Incendium uses a new metric called ‘Page Effectiveness’ which takes into account audience data, buying journey stages and the purpose of the page they are visiting to decide if the pageview should be marked ‘Effective’ or not. For example, if someone lands on a category page, and clicks through to a product straight away, traditionally this would be seen as negative due to a quick time on page. However the page did it’s job, and the speed actually suggests it did it very well. Incendium sees this in-content click from a landing visit on a category page and registers an effective pageview.

Analytics has evolved. Book a demo with our team and find out how we can change the way you look at your data and optimize your pipelines.