Adecco UK Case Study

Incendium was seamlessly integrated into Adecco's current tech stack to match up marketing activity with offline revenue data for true ROI. This data helped to improve spend efficiencies.


Like most recruitment companies, the quality of website leads and the revenue closed could not be matched to marketing activity like PPC or job boards. This meant that marketing managers were flying blind when trying to optimize activity, and they also couldn’t prove the ROI to stakeholders.

Incendium solved this with a fast and effective integration to the existing martech stack, bridging sales and marketing data, and providing actionable insights. Campaigns could be optimized and meaningfully measured, and Attribution Modeling made budgeting many times more efficient.

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We’re using Incendium to connect the dots between the revenue closed by our sales team and consultants, and the digital footprints which drove that revenue. It’s game changing.

Haroon Ahmed

The Challenge

Like most recruitment companies, and the majority of B2B businesses, conversions on-site can not be linked up effectively with the sales team activity that happens further down the funnel. It is just not possible with the traditional, mass-market analytics solutions used.

Campaigns, Keywords, Job Boards and Organic traffic are all driving visits to the site and driving job applications or client (employer) contacts - these are tracked as ‘goal completions’. However, the quality of these leads and the revenue that they brought in could not be matched up. This meant that Marketing Managers were flying blind when trying to optimize activity, and they also couldn’t prove the ROI to stakeholders.

When budget planning and trying to decide if more should be spent on job boards, or PPC activity, there was no meaningful data to support a decision. Are job board leads higher quality or lower CPA than PPC? Does one channel drive more ROI than another? There was no link between the sales activity, and the mass-market analytics platform in use (Google Analytics), to provide these insights. 

The Solution

One of the benefits of Incendium, and something we made a top priority from day one, is that it can be installed, integrated and configured very quickly - unlike most competing Martech products. Within a week, Incendium was installed on the site and hooked into website forms. It was also integrated with Pardot, which was already in place for Marketing Automation. This allowed seamless end-to-end tracking of leads, solving of the sales and marketing integration challenge, which was not possible with Google Analytics. And all without any changes to the existing Martech stack.

The ROI of campaigns was now fully trackable. The on-site behavior of every lead and all previous channel sources could be linked to a sales journey in the CRM. This allowed complete Attribution Modeling and unique insights:

  • True channel performance, helping budget allocation
  • Measurement of job board and campaign ROI
  • Joining of audience Meta Data from the CRM to analytics, for segmentation
  • Rich custom reporting dashboards, delivered uniquely for several levels of stakeholders

The system has revolutionized how sales and marketing are measured.