Learn how Incendium helped Ucruise connect offline sales data with their marketing activity to give the complete picture on ROAS and make budget adjustments for huge performance increases.


Premier Food Safety are one of the largest and most reputable providers of food safety education in the United States. They have trained over 2 Million food service professionals to date.

Premier Food Safety offer flexible training and certification programs designed to help restaurants nationwide achieve compliance with the highest food safety standards and latest regulations.

Their portfolio includes classes, online training, and nationally accredited certification exams in a number of different languages including English, Spanish, Korean and Chinese.

Incendium has given us the deep insights we need to fully understand where our marketing spend is most effective for sales and ROAS. We've increased our lead and sales volumes without the need to increase our budgets.

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The Challenge

Premier Food Safety had seen a drop in sales year-on-year and wanted to find out exactly where in the customer journey there was drop-off, and what could be improved.

The analytics setup in place was showing the decline, but not the reasons for the decline and so no optimisation could be carried out. The team felt paralysed and frustrated.

The Solution

Through Incendium’s user journey analysis and deep auditing we identified a specific, key funnel and user segment that needed attention.

We devised an A/B test based on the insights, creating a landing page that was conversion focused, and offered a much better Mobile experience.

The improvements increased conversion rates dramatically not just for Organic visitors, but it helped improve the effectiveness of Paid campaigns; we were also able to increase CTRs on their most expensive packages from 12% to 25% by positioning them as the most popular option which was mirrored on the landing page.

Incendium was able to showcase the change in performance and now we are running regular A/B tests for continued improvements.