UCRUISE Case Study

Learn how Incendium helped Ucruise connect offline sales data with their marketing activity to give the complete picture on ROAS and make budget adjustments for huge performance increases.


Ucruise is a tourism business, offering cruise experiences around Sydney Harbour. Ucruise is a company similar to Uber or Airbnb, in a sense that it is a facilitator rather than a direct service provider (cruise operator). Customers send enquiries online that are then fulfilled by their sales team offline.

Ucruise have not been afraid to invest in all forms of marketing activity, including social media marketing such as Facebook and Instagram ads, email marketing, Google Display and Search ads, and have even built partnerships with other companies in the industry - all of which have been helping to generate more cruise enquiries.

Their brand has grown to become one of the top Sydney Harbour cruise experience providers for both tourists and locals. Ucruise have always been attentive to their performance reports however the one thing that's been missing is connecting their Marketing and Sales departments - a common problem for many B2B companies.

Incendium has given us the deep insights we need to fully understand where our marketing spend is most effective for sales and ROAS. We've increased our lead and sales volumes without the need to increase our budgets.

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The Challenge

As with many companies that aren't eCommerce or are B2B companies, there is a disconnect between marketing activity and how effective that is at driving sales revenue - the end of the sales funnel is lost.

Ucruise wanted to connect up their Marketing and Sales departments better. They could already measure what channels and marketing activities were driving booking enquiries but that's where the sales funnel data ended. They had no way to link sales data up to those enquiries, and more importantly link them to their marketing activity to understand what was working best.

ROI and ROAS were key metrics that were big question marks; without them they weren't able to increase efficiencies in their marketing.

Ucruise also understood that some marketing channels while they may not be the last touch for closing a sale, still could be playing a vital part in generating initial interest; they wanted to measure this value across channels also.

The Solution

With Incendium we were able to import Ucruise's sales data into the Incendium interface. This along with Incendium's multi-touch attribution capabilities allowed us to understand which channels and which marketing activities were generating the most cost-effective sales and if they were helping provide value at other points in the customer journey.

Attribution data coupled with the sales revenue by channel meant we were able suggest a redistribution of budget which, based off data alone, should maximize ROI/ROAS.

After making our adjustments, we saw an increase in ROAS by 48%, within the 6 month period that followed. Ucruise were able to see the effectiveness of their marketing channels and campaign in terms of sales but also in terms of value metrics towards assisting sales.

Incendium is continuing to provide this data on an ongoing basis with regular adjustments to keep ROAS optimal.