USG Boral Case Study

Learn how Incendium helped USG Boral to better understand performance across their three audience groups; giving them insights into which site sections were the most engaging and where further development was needed.


USG Boral is a building materials supplier and distributor for interior linings with it's main product range including plasterboard, ceiling board, cornice, internal framing, and plastering products and tools. USG Boral is also a solutions provider for Architects and Designers, Builders, Installers and even Homeowners that are looking for very specific applications for their projects.

With the variety of customer types USG Boral services, it was important for them to identify what their target audiences were the most interested in on their website and also measure site performance by each audience type.

This kind of information was important for them to gather particularly when launching marketing campaigns targeting specifics audiences to ensure campaigns were not just effective at driving potential customers to the USG Boral site but also keeping them engaged on there, and ultimately converting.

The Challenge

Although they had dedicated site sections for their 3 main audience groupings; Architects and Designers, Builders and Installers, and Homeowners, this did not include some of their core website categories, such as their products category, their solutions category, and their resources category.

USG Boral needed some way to properly classify their audience groups, so that they were able to segment site performance metrics, and webpage performance metrics by audience which could help inform their content strategy and see which audiences they neede to focus on.

The Solution

Using Incendium's Site Personalization feature we were able to create 2 solutions; Automated Audience Classification, and Self-Selected Audience Classification.

Automated Audience Classification essentially classified a site user as one of the 3 audience types based on webpages visited. This wasnt just calculated based off visits, but multiple visits, and also took into account engagement on webpages. Only when specific metrics were reached were those users classified as their audience type.

Self-Selected Audience Classification was set up to create a little more rigour around the process. Using Incendium non-invasive site personlization method we were able to create a simple site popup asking the question, 'Which best describes you?' with the 3 audience groups to choose from. There was also an option for 'none'.

USG Boral's developer resource was not required for this installation, this layer simply sits on the top of their website.

These features will remain running to classify new visitors to the site and continue to measure performance by each audience segment.

After 3 months of classification we were able to deliver USG Boral site performance reports with detailed audience segmentation to help them see which audiences were performing best but also where specific audiences were not engaged, helping to build insights for future content strategies.