How Ucruise Used Marketing Attribution

March 23, 2020
James Kinsley


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Ucruise Sydney is the last business you would expect to be using an advanced marketing attribution strategy and software to improve their day-to-day operations and revenue. Well, they have, and they’ve improved their revenue and sales by 980% in just 12 months after implementing the marketing attribution software – Incendium.

The Problem

Ucruise Sydney, just like most businesses in the yacht / boat hire industry, had a working website that brought in most of the new businesses. They had their sales team working with an online sales dashboard which allowed them to respond to the online enquiries via email or through phone calls. The problem they faced was the offline and online integration that they needed for the sales people making phone calls directly with the customers. How do you attribute phone call revenue with the online marketing ads that they’re currently using? The list of problems could be endless and a starting point was difficult to pinpoint.

The best they could do is understand how many enquiries they’ve received from their Pay-Per-Click campaigns vs. their organic channels.

Further Problems Identified

The analysts at Incendium ran an additional audit on Ucruise’s internal operations and identified & outlined a few keyword problems with the day-to-day operations. Problems identified were the following;

  • No visibility in channel performances (revenue and cost efficiency)
  • No visibility on the yacht / boat category performances (opportunity assessments on specific types of categories i.e. which categories are more profitable? Catamaran hires or luxury boat hires?)
  • Evaluating the quality of the paid leads coming through from Google & Facebook ads (what are the close rate differences between paid leads vs. organic?)

Incendium Launch

The setup of Incendium literally took minutes with Ucruise. As a managed service provider of marketing attribution, the analysts of Incendium quickly analyzed the site and setup category level audience segmentation on Incendium’s platform and started to personalize the onsite content. Remarketing ads on all paid campaigns were now much more tailored and multiple scheduled ads were setup based off the known buying cycle.

Immediately after the implementation of Incendium, Ucruise’s marketing team started to see higher engagement rates from their paid campaigns through tailored ad messaging and the conversion rate started to improve significantly.

The weekly reports provided by Incendium’s analysts allowed the marketing team of Ucruise to quickly identify opportunities based off the revenue and enquiry conversion rate data being reported on both channel and category levels.

The marketing team with the help of Incendium was able to now successfully automate;

  • Personalized ad content and remarketing ads
  • Personalized and customized website experience
  • Optimizing budget allocations based on the opportunity analyses provided in the weekly reporting
  • Highlight areas of improvement needed with the sales team through revenue and enquiry conversion rate data; calls over emails were reportedly 500% more effective in closing the bookings and assisting their customers at a much faster rate.

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